Allow Me to Introduce Myself

" I knew there was a better alternative to trying luxury brand cosmetics without the risk of getting pink eye" 

Why It Started 

 I founded Fierce Unlimited because I saw women trading and buying used high-end makeup on social media. I was in total disbelief that a person would buy used eyeshadow from a stranger! But to be honest, I understood reasoning.   Whether you want to call it luxury, high-end, or prestige makeup….it is too expensive. A simple five shade eyeshadow kit can be upwards of $60.  I knew there was a better alternative to trying luxury brand cosmetics without the risk of getting pink eye.   In the summer of 2020, Fierce Unlimited was born.    

 What We Do 

 My mission began with finding prestige brands like Clinique, Elizabeth Arden, and tarte at steep discounts, so I could pass the savings to my customers. Clear standards were set when scouting for deals:   Products must be authentic and in factory cases. Purchases must be made from authorized wholesalers in the United States.   It was important to not purchase from outside the U.S. because it increases the chances of being sold counterfeit goods.   Savings came in the from discontinued, overstock, and clearance products. Each company has their individual reasons why they discontinue a product, below are some of the most common:    

 Product packing- CoverGirl notoriously changed their makeup packaging to make it modern and sleek, a.k.a black and white. 

 Brand Ambassadors- Many companies will create a makeup line around a celebrity, such as Maybelline did with GiGi Hadid. When the contract ends, the makeup must go somewhere.   

 Overstock and clearance products gave us a chance to offer the same lipsticks and eyeshadows that you can find at your favorite makeup store at a fraction of the price.   

 How It’s Going 

This month marks our company’s one year anniversary! This past year we have had the privilege to serving hundreds of makeup enthusiasts just like you. In the coming months, we are expanding our product offering to Burt’s Bees and Rude Cosmetics. If you have not taken advantage of our amazing deals, you are seriously missing out. See what our customers have to say.


During this past year, Fierce Unlimited has had the privilege of serving hundreds of customers. Whether you are a makeup aficionado or just getting started, Fierce Unlimited is for you. Follow us on social media and subscribe to our email list for exclusive content. 

Nekeya George
Founder & CEO of Fierce  Unlimited