Makeup 101

Makeup has always been a mystery to me. As a woman that refuses to convert to contacts, my heart skips a beat at the thought of putting anything near my eyes. Why would any sane person, take hours to pile on ounces of foundation, get carpal tunnel from blending four different eyeshadows, and almost poke an eye out just to make their lashes resemble the bottom of a broom. Like everything else in the world, what we do not understand, we fear.

As I turned 30, I began to tackle my fear of makeup in baby steps. I first experimented with lipstick; and quickly remembered how “color in the lines” is important. My lips were a big purple oval mess! I did not understand the purpose of lipliner… it was just a waste of money. After a couple more unsuccessful attempts, I decided play it safe with tinted lip balm. Although, I still could not “color in the lines”, it was less noticeable. 

Next, was eyeshadow. My choices were never bold, such as blue or green; but purple. I learned about the cut crease and how to blend the lavenders, lilacs, and violets with the correct brush. I experimented with matte verses shimmer, and pressed powder verses cream.  It was all fun and games, until I wanted a smokey eye. Black eyeshadow is not my friend! And foundation, do not even get me started: Liquid, cream, powder, cream-to-powder, and stick. There were so many different options, and then I had to determine my shade of caffeinated beverage or nut. Was I Coconut, Warm Coconut, Toasted Almond, Cappuccino, or Mocha? Here is a hint….? I am all five! 

All this experimenting was time consuming and EXPENSIVE. I would clip coupons and cash in reward points, but I wanted to explore make-up without a huge upfront investment. Whether, you are just starting out, or you are a seasoned pro; Fierce Unlimited has name brand makeup and beauty products for you. 

Nekeya George
Founder & CEO of Fierce  Unlimited